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Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy

We are pleased with your interest in our homepage and our company.

When visiting our homepage, the protection of your privacy is very important to us. Your personal information is protected in compliance with the regulations established by German laws. Below, we provide information which personal information is obtained during your visit to our homepage and how these data are used.

Any visit to our website and any request for a file located on our server are logged, i.e. every access to a web page, an image etc. are automatically recorded in a so called log-file.

This is done for internal and statistical purposes, but also in order to be able to register attacks by Spam-Bots and other malicious software. This information provides us with the means to fight the attacks and to go to law.

The following data are logged: The name of the requested file, date and time of the request, transferred amount of data, browser used and requesting domain. In addition, your IP address is logged.

The log-files are deleted after one year.

During your visit to our website, a temporary session cookie is set, which contains the so called PHP-Session-ID. You may deny this cookie with your browser settings. This cookie is not used to obtain user profiles and is automatically deleted when you leave the site.

Additional personal information is only registered, when you provide us with those voluntarily, i.e. during an inquiry or request.  

Usage of your personal data and sharing with third parties

As far as you profited personal information, we will use these data only to answer your inquiry or request, to process contracts with you and for technical administration.

Your personal information will only be shared with third parties, if this is necessary for processing our contracts with you, i.e. sharing order data with suppliers, for billing or accounting purposes or when you gave your approval in advance.

You have the right to withdraw your approval, taking effect in the future, at any time.

We will share personal information with government institutions or law enforcement agencies (only) as far as European or German laws require this.

Your personal information is deleted, when you withdraw your approval, the knowledge of the personal information is not anymore necessary for the purpose they where obtained for, or when the storage is forbidden by any law.

If you request this in writing, we will be glad to inform you about the stored personal information.

Security advice:

We do our best to protect your personal information, by taking all possible organizational and technical measures, but we cannot take any liability. Especially when communicating by e-mal, we cannot guarantee the protection of transmitted information. For confidential data, we therefore suggest to use mail or fax.


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